We’ve been shaping the mobile roadmap since the beginning and we have no intention of slowing down. We’re innovators. We’re dreamers. We’re builders. We’re artists, engineers and proud card carrying members of the human race. At RD Innovation Ltd, we span the globe in pursuit of authentic, innovative software ideas and yield to nothing to bring them to unbelievable new life. We're in the business of mobile innovation. The products we create have real impacts on our clients' outcomes. If you too are unafraid to dream bigger, then it’s time to change lanes and join us.



We tinker. We dream. We try, fail, scrape, crawl and try again until we find the solution we're looking for. Absolute success is always our aim, and informs every decision we make.


When it comes to creating for our clients an incredible software usage experience, we believe less is more. The biggest mistake people make is trying to be everything to everyone. We develop unique products.


Our global team is focused on one thing: creating world-class digital experiences that blow the doors off expectations and establish brands as category leaders.

  • Mobile Innovation

    We can help you discover your business potential, challenging the way you do things to bring innovation and transformation.
    Working with our knowledge and insight, you can manage your ordering, reporting and processes efficiently – plus identify and capitalise on new mobility opportunities.
    With inSKY, inC@M Mobile Innovation, the organisation can benefit from:
    - More control
    - Better quality work
    - Fewer errors
    - Better customer insight and understanding.
    - Substantial cost savings
    - Double digit business growth

  • Features and Deployments

    - Mobile Management/operation of business processes via mobile devices.
    - Access to the most advanced technologies.
    - Unique service, ready for use right here & right now.
    - An opportunity not to invest a lump sum in the creation of software net cost 80+ thousand euro.
    - Chance not to overpay, to use only service package is required. Competitive price includes web server.
    - Long-Term Competitive Advantage. The service durability & reliability. Ease of use & user-friendliness.

  • Features and Deployments

    - Complex solution for various tasks and problems.
    - Working time savings & optimization.
    - Improving the Quality of Work Optimization of transport costs.
    - Guaranteed development and professional support.
    - Supported mobile platforms: Android; IOS, Windows Phone.

Innovative, Flexible &Proven Business Process Optimization Software

  • Comprehensive service: Monitoring & Control

    Depending on the size of the client, we also define various solutions for your needs, create user analitics, photo service, tracking, tasks management, questioning, journey maps, and analyze your existing user surveys.

    Creative design

    At RD Innovation Ltd we have a very rigorous award winning lean design process. We have developed, adjusted, and perfected this process over time to make sure that we meet our clients’ business goals while creating an amazing user experience.

    Flexible service

    RD Innovation Ltd create original challenging software that combine intense sessions with long-term progress and rich clients business processes optimization experience. The focus on corporate products and cross-platform soft, allows clients to enjoy software on any device and at low cost with high effectiveness.

  • Security

    Highly secured Auth server with account validation or local/cloud database server. Security of the Mobile Innovation Software is the most important for clients looking to utilize new technologies and digital capabilities within their mobile team, whilst learning how to implement an effective platform strategy and its integration it into dayly business processes.

    Business Processes Optimization

    The network of organizations including clients, suppliers, logistic companies, or distributors involved in the delivery of goods, they sale, purchase and services through both competition and cooperation where each coevolves to some extent that changes can be made intelligently in the way businesses adapt to business environment changes and affect desirable business outcomes in a consistent and predictable fashion even in the face of generally unpredictable circumstances. RD Innovation Ltd can optimize business processes for whole sector and offer an effective solutions for most your problems.


    RD Innovation Ltd has developed an extensive set of tools and methodologies which it deploys in a customized and integrated fashion to provide its clients with superior solutions for complex issues. We gain leadership spends considerable time and effort enhancing exisiting tools and developing new tools and techniques to address client issues as business trends emerge and new types of business information become available. Because of the nature of our “toolkit” and our client-centric approach, we strive to offer clients highly customized approaches to addressing their important issues. We draw on our toolkit as needed to craft the solution that exactly fits the clients’ needs. The result must be superior outcomes based on a customized approach applied specifically to unique situations..


  • Team Member



    Roman has executive management responsibility for a global platform and a powerful spread and development of RD Innovation Ltd products over the world .

    Team Member

    Letitia Jane

    Strategy and Development Maanager

    Letitia has responsibility for our strategy, products, marketing, communications, and a range of corporate transformation initiatives.

    Team Member

    Klaus Schwab

    Service Manager

    Klaus responsibility is to keep your IT services up and running, propose and analyze service quality metrics and initiate tasks for improvement areas.

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